Jeff Tobert
Fine Furniture and Cabinetry


Commissioning a new piece is an exciting endeavor!  In our world of mass produced and slapped together furniture, it is a rare treat to own and treasure a piece that is uniquely yours and has been made with you and your individual needs in mind.  I really value the collaborative aspect of working with clients.  Whether you know exactly what you want or simply have a general idea of where to go, we’ll make sure that when the piece is finished, you will be satisfied.  Clear communication is essential for the process to be mutually rewarding.


We’ll start by having a conversation.  Whether by email, phone or a visit to my shop, we will discuss your project and come up with a rough sketch or two with no obligations.  Generally, more design, more complex drawings and further development is required to advance the project.  Design time is billed at $25 per hour.  Typically (though it depends on the complexity of the project), $100-150 will get us to a design and a firm estimate (barring any further design changes).

Payment plans can be customized, but my usual arrangement is 50% due when you accept the design. This secures a spot in my schedule and covers material acquisition. The balance is due upon completion.

I look forward to working with you!


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